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Women Need More Sleep Time

Babies need to sleep for about 15 hours. Unlike adults that only take eight hours for rest. Another for women, women need 20 minutes more than men. This is due to women’s brain are more widely used (multitasking). The more often the brain is used, the more brain cells that should be excluded. “Women are more likely to do the job at a time. They also use their brains more frequently than men. Therefore, even sleep time should be greater,” Prof Horne said as quoted by New York daily news, Thursday (28/1/2010).

Men may also need time to sleep longer when there are a lots of work and thoughts, but even so not as much as women need. Why is that? Usually women do a lot of things. Whether at home or in the office, her commitment as a wife and a worker required her to a lot of thinking and working. When in the house, she was busy with housework, like washing clothes, cooking, taking care of her husband and children. On arriving at the office, she was struggling with his work. In contrast to men who only think about work in the office and little thought of housework.

In The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, researchers from North Carolina, states that women more disturbed sleep than men. And one woman’s attacker was a man sleeping besides her bed. Women who were pregnant were more difficult to sleep because of conditions that interfere with his stomach. A mother easily awakened when her son was crying.

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