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Women Bad Habits that Can Damage Teeth, Teeth Health

I’m sure all of people want to have teeth health. But sometimes we have a bad habit that can damage our teeth. especially some habits of women who unwittingly actually damage teeth.

  1. Brushing your teeth too hard

this can eliminate tooth enamel, causing tooth becomes thinner.

untitled8 300×175 Women Bad Habits that Can Damage Teeth, Teeth Health2. The wrong toothpaste
wrong in choosing a toothpaste just because ad tempted on television, but toothpaste is not good.

  1. Not using dental floss

not use dental floss once a day to ward off plaque.

  1. Often drinking soft drinks

These drinks can erode the enamel. when forced to drink, brush your teeth afterwards

  1. Foods that leave stains

this will eventually lead to yellow color on our teeth. teeth health

  1. Hooked unhealthy snacking

Every time we eat something, especially a sweet or starchy, bacteria that normally live in the mouth creates acid to break down food.

  1. Using your teeth as a tool

Open a bag of chips made of aluminum foil and loosen the knot using a tooth can cause tooth was cracked and broken, and damage to dental work is being done.

  1. Ignoring a dental problem

Bleeding gums, and who had chronic halitosis, is an indication of gum disease. , but sometimes overlooked. this needs further treatment for the disease does not get worse. teeth health

  1. Avoiding the dentist

we must control to the doctor every three months.

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