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young woman using a teeth whitening strip1 Women and Dental HealthCaring for and maintaining hygiene and dental health is very important for everyone. Especially for women, women and dental health always relation. Hormonal changes at certain times make women tend to be more sensitive to declining dental health. Therefore contributes to the blood supply to the gum tissue and body response to accumulated plaque. Women have several periods of hormone than men, making women more vulnerable to this dental problem. Five Period Affecting Women Living Dental Health

Hormones estrogen and progesterone production increases, can stimulate blood flow to the gums causing gum tissue reacts to substances that can irritates the plaque (gums red, sore and swollen)

When menstruation occurs increase progesterone hormone which can cause changes in a woman’s mouth section (red swollen gums, bleeding, canker sores and swollen salivary glands)

During pregnancy progesterone hormone levels change drastically and cause gingivitis / inflamed gums (the pregnancy months 2-8). Some of the problems that often accompany pregnancy are:
• granuloma, which is meat grown in the gums and harmless, although it can cause discomfort. These lumps are easily bleed and can cause sores, or crusty.
• Dental Erosion, usually occurs in pregnant women who experience nausea and vomiting (rear tooth enamel erosion front)
• Dry mouth, according to research 44% of pregnant women experience dry mouth problems.

Oral contraceptives
The women who use oral contraceptives (eg birth control pills) containing the hormone progesterone has increased which can cause inflammation of gum tissue due to excessive reaction of the body against toxins from plaque.

With menopause is a change in the mouth of a woman (sense of taste, burning sensation in the mouth, sensitive to cold and hot foods, as well as decreased production of saliva that causes dry mouth) due to hormonal changes or the influence of drugs that have been consumed.
Dry mouth can cause tooth and gum disease because saliva is not able to moisturize and cleanse the mouth by neutralizing acids produced by plaque.

Some suggestions for the use of toothpaste for women

  1. Winz accurate and complete formula that is fluoride in the amount appropriates to the needs of the teeth (0.15%) and calcium and Xylitol which is able to restore the lost tooth minerals.
  2. Alloy Xylitol, fluoride and calcium in proper amount proved effective in reducing levels of bacteria in the mouth.
  3. It has a soft texture but able to clean up leftover food and plaque optimally. Tenderness texture makes Winz safe for tooth enamel.
  4. Help overcome the problem of dental disease, gum and mouth as well as maintain freshness longer.
  5. Effectively reduce the sense of pain in sensitive teeth.
  6. Safe, does not contain harmful preservatives.

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