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Non-Approved Drugs That Can Help In The Treatment Of Hair Loss

Non-Approved Drugs That Will Help In Treating Hair Thinning

At the moment 3 medications happen to be authorized by the Food and drug administration to treat hair thinning, namely finasteride (Propecia) and minoxidil (Rogaine). While these two still prove their worth to a lot of patients, a lot of people are disappointed using their results and seek other treatment options. Frequently they use drugs that haven’t been approved to treat hair thinning, but that have proven themselves with time to possess a positive effect in working with this problem.

1. Avodart (dutasteride) – this can be a new medication that isn’t yet approved for hair thinning but that provides exciting options for the treatment of male patten hair loss. It really works similarly to Propecia which prevents 1 of 2 enzymes from converting testosterone into DHT thus blocking sixty-six per cent of DHT production. Avodart takes this method a stage further by blocking both enzymes thus reducing overall DHT production by 93%. It’s presently approved to treat enlarged prostates and cannot under any conditions be used by women of kid bearing age.

2. Proscar (finasteride) – Propecia has turned into a valued weapon in fighting against hair loss however it started existence by means of Proscar. Actually, the active component is similar with Proscar that contains a greater dose of 5 mg in contrast to Propecia’s 1 mg. Lots of men therefore think that the greater dose works better in stopping the conversion of testosterone into DHT. The level that this is correct is debatable even though the fundamental details do inform us Proscar blocks a little more DHT formation. Some physicians feel its me is warranted in a tiny proportion of older women and men who formerly haven’t taken care of immediately treatment with Propecia.

3. Tretinoin (Retin-A) – this established fact to treat acne but medical research has proven it may also help stimulate new hair growth. Some experts reason that tretinoin improves the absorption and transmission of minoxidil in to the follicles of hair. Consequently, several formulas of tretinoin and minoxidil can be found, generally only by prescription.


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