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Dental Care Tips for Beauty

Dental Care Tips – A smile can brighten the appearance instantly. However, perhaps as long as we hesitate to smile because the teeth are less beautiful. There are various Dental Care Tips that can be taken to fix it.

Teeth whitening (whitening)

First dental care tips is teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is not part of routine care, but for aesthetic reasons. According to the dentists, white color produced by teeth whitening is not permanent. In addition, dental fillings and dentures can not be bleached with bleach teeth. American Dental Association divides bleach into two. First, the bleach contains peroxide, which clean the stain on the surface and the inside of the tooth. The second is whitening toothpaste, which only stains on the tooth surface.

Prior to whiten your teeth, consult with your dentist first. Dentists need to look at problems that occur on the teeth. Whether due to stains or tooth-colored black hole as a result. Or, is there any other cause. Addition can be done in the doctor’s surgery; we can undergo teeth whitening at home. However, the result achieved with the help of a doctor is certainly more effective.

dental care tips

Cleaning tartar.

Second dental care tips, Tartar can also interfere with the beauty of your teeth. So, we should clean it regularly, every 6 months to 1 year? If not cleaned, the plaque and tartar can cause gingivitis, or gum so often bloody and swollen. If left unchecked, this disorder can become periodontitis, namely damage to the alveolar bone around the teeth. This is what will make our teeth into a rocking, which eventually should be repealed.

Using of braces.

Third dental care tips, if the teeth position is not good, and not a neat arrangement that could be improved by the use of braces. If we do not feel confident with the wire visible when worn, there are few better options. For example, transparent-colored braces, or mounted on the inside of the teeth, or Invisalign is made with special technology, so it is not visible, very clear, and comfortable. Invisalign can only be done by a certified dentist. So you need to consult this dental care tips to your dentist.

Treatment with braces lasts between 1-2 years, depending on the case. Do not forget to wear a retainer teeth after the treatment, so that the teeth do not change again.

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