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Body Language Signals when lack of sleep

Healthy body is the most important asset for our lives. When there is something wrong in our body, the body will give a specific signal. Lack of sleep can be a major reason why the body to give signals. Not just rest my eyes, but sleep also serves to normalize the organs in our bodies.
Some signs that you need to know about the effect of sleep deprivation:

  1. Feeling hungry all day, or vice versa
    this is because the body’s internal clock is changed to normal. Cause people who sleep less increase or decrease in body weight drastically.
  2. No focus
    Attention Deficit Disorder is experienced by people with less sleep is common symptoms. Attention Deficit Disorder is a disturbance in the reflexes as well as attention to something to be slow or inaccurate.
  3. Often forgotten
    the brain also needs a break. With the same bed rest the brain. People who sleep less will experience short-term memory disorders.
  4. Sleepy during the day
    Sleep deprivation causes drowsiness. Although arrested by the consumption of caffeine, it’s only temporary.
  5. Easily hurt
    Immunities of the less sleep will decrease. This causes the person susceptible to disease.
    The average adult requires 7-8 hours to sleep each day. Adequate rest can help long-term health of our bodies.

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