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Balding Solution for Men and Women

Balding Solution for Women and men

Androgenic-alopecia (men and women pattern balding) is probably the most standard reason for hair thinning among men along with a serious issue for a lot of women. You will find three key components which have the effect of both male and female balding:

1. An inherited predisposition for balding to happen.

2. Excessive existence of male hormones.

3. Aging – sufficient time for that first couple of factors to happen.

Both women and men produce male hormones which have a helpful role to experience both in sexes but the truth that androgens exist in much greater concentrations in males explains why hair loss is much more common compared to female balding.

DHT the main reason for hair thinning

It’s metabolic process of male hormones (androgen/testosterone) that is primary reason for hair thinning and men and women pattern balding in women and men.

The metabolic process of androgen involves an enzyme known as 5 alpha reductase which mixes using the hormone (testosterone) and converts it to DHT (Dihydro-testosterone). DHT is really a natural metabolite in our body.

The reason for men and women pattern balding

A lot of people, both women and men, are genetically pre-disposed to create more DHT compared to normal individuals. It is primarily the accumulation of DHT and it is impact on cells within the hair follicle and root which is among the primary reasons for men and women pattern balding.

When DHT will get in to the hair follicle and root, especially an area known as the dermal papilla, it changes the cell’ activity and prevents necessary proteins, minerals and vitamins from supplying nourishment required to sustain existence within the hairs of individuals follicles. Consequently, follicles of hair are reproduced in a much slower rate. This shortens their growing stage (anagen phase) as well as lengthens their resting stage (telogen phase) from the follicle. DHT also causes hair follicle to contract and obtain progressively smaller sized and finer. This method is called miniaturization and results in your hair to ultimately fall. DHT caused androgenetic aloepcia accounts for 95% of hair thinning.

Blocking the synthesis of DHT in the molecular level forms the foundation to treat MPHL (male pattern baldness) and FPHL (female pattern hair thinning). There are lots of natural DHT blockers and numerous drugs which can be used for medical hair restoration.


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